Schwinn Stringray Chopper to Drift Trike

Here’s a great project for you. Our friend Lee in Mississippi sent us his latest project. It started as a Schwinn stingray occ chopper and became an intensely impressive bright red drift trike. Plenty of […]

Big Wheel Drift Trike Project

Sometimes you just need a big front wheel and lights to make your drift trike standout. That’s the case for our friend Anthonio who sent us pictures of his tough looking drift trike project. We […]

Honda gx160 Powered Custom Drift Trike

Here’s a drift trike project shared by our friend Luke. He’s gone with a genuine honda gx160 motor that goes really well with his sprocket selection. The best part about any drift trike, and especially […]

Fat Drift Trike Project

Here’s a great fat drift trike project from our friend Buniek. It’s a great looking drift trike and he’s also done a video about the project with pictures from parts to finished trike. You’ll notice […]

Custom 125cc Drift Trike in Norway

Here’s a great custom build from Norway. This 125cc semi auto was all custom built and looks amazing. A big and important part of any custom build is making your drift trike your own. Stian […]

100cc Brazilian Bobber Style Drift Trike

This great drift trike from Brazil was sent to us by our friend Gabriel and is a 100cc Bobber style 4-stroke drift trike. We know you’ll agree that this drift trike screams excitement and the […]

230cc 4 Stroke Drift Trike

Artur Margulis sent us this beauty of a drift trike. His 230cc 4-stroke Drift trike project is custom designed and built for loads of fun. The orange bursts of color help make the drift trike […]

Dirt Road Drift Trike Video

When you’ve built the perfect motorized drift trike and have a long gravel driveway sitting in front of you there’s only one thing you can do. It’s almost like you don’t even have a choice.

Custom White Drift Trike

Our friend Yuval Menzon sent us his custom built drift trike from Israel. The seat looks super comfortable and ready to keep you feeling good no matter what the hills throw at you. Great PVC […]

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