Drift trike project from Ohio
Drift Trikes

Custom Build Drift Trike in Ohio

Our friend Brad in Ohio, USA sent us his progress in building his custom drift trike. From teardown parts to full drift trike magic, this build is a beast.

Drift trike project from Germany 1
Drift Trikes

Drift trike project from Germany

Here’s a great drift trike at the park sent to us by our friend Marco. Drift trikes can be customized to work with any budget and are also a continuous project with upgrades happening all the time. Great photo!

200cc Honda engine drift trike
Drift Trikes

Honda Engine Mounted on Drift Trike

Our friend Knono Sorin in France shared his latest project with us. This drift trike has a 16 inch and 103 SPX front wheel (which looks tough) and a 200cc Honda engine. Take a look at this masterpiece.

Drift trike from Hungary 2
Drift Trikes

Drift trike from Hungary

It’s ok if your drift trike doesn’t have an engine, as long as you have a friend that can give you a push. Botond sent us some pics of his own drift trike.

100cc drift trike from Italy
Drift Trikes

Drift Trike Wheelie

Drift Trike wheelie time! One of the things that is missing from the world of drift trikes is a good wheelie. Well hunt no more, this Italian drift trike will serve as the inspiration for your next project. In all honesty, there are a number of amazing drift trikes out there and this Italian beauty is just the latest edition […]