Rear Wheel Replacement

Rear Wheel ReplacementRear wheels on an Adult Drift Trike get used and abused, always because of too much fun.  The good news is that rear wheels can easily be replaced as can the rear axle.  We have you covered and with free shipping you can have your replacement rear wheels in no time.  Key measurements are 10″ diameter 6mm rear wheels for the Hill Kicker Pro. 10x6x10 inch. Made of HDPE – High Density Polyethylene.
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Single Rear Wheel Replacement

Rear Axle Replacement

Rear Axle replacement Hill Kicker ProThe rear axle helps keep everything going on a Hill Kicker Pro and any drift trike. This 12mm diameter rear axle replacement quickly fixes any axle issues you have and is a 68cm long steel powerhouse. Material is steel and official dimensions on the rear axle replacement come in at 27×0.5 inch (LxWxH).
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Front Wheel Replacement

Replacement Front Wheel Hill Kicker ProThe front wheel on a Hill Kicker Pro Adult Drifter is a 20″ tire that can wear out with time and use. The good news is it’s not the end of the world if your tire goes flat or you need a replacement. The Hill Kicker Pro front tire measurements are 20″ x 2″ x 20″ and easily matches right up to your bike.