Side to Drift to Awesome (Video)

Another great custom drift trike with video. The custom green machine looks super fun and was sent in from our friend João Coelho. He’s worked on this drift trike and the video shows us he’s […]

125cc Custom Drift Trike

This 125cc semi-auto 4 gears custom drift trike was sent to us from our friend Thomas in Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina! The detail and bright colors make it a very beautiful trike with plenty of […]

Custom Aluminum 6.5 HP Drift Trike

Matt sent us this custom aluminum drift trike he’s building. It features tons of great custom work and a 6.5 HP Tecumseh with the front fork from a Yamaha xs400. Great drift trike idea for […]

There’s No Wrong Way To Drift Trike

There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup because every way is delicious. And in that same spirit, there’s no wrong way to drift because no matter how you do it, it’s […]

Custom Paint Job 212cc Drift Trike Fun

Delmarva Powder Coating in Greenwood Delaware makes some great stuff but they took it to a whole new level for this custom orange and black motorized drift trike. The drift trike engine is a standard […]

Custom Big Red

Anthonio Palos sent us this gem of a drift trike. We’ve decided to call it Big Red and we think it’s obvious why. What do you think of the custom magic of Big Red? Let […]

All Lit Up

Our friend Tom sent this over to show his custom build and teach us the power of a lit up drift trike. Be inspired!

Big Wheels Drift Trike Video

Here is a great big wheels drift trike inspired video from Flying Bye Photo (Austin Bradshaw). Fred Lux constructed this drift trike and made it. Has a little 4 cycle engine on it, and totally […]

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