100cc Brazilian Bobber Style Drift Trike

This great drift trike from Brazil was sent to us by our friend Gabriel and is a 100cc Bobber style 4-stroke drift trike. We know you’ll agree that this drift trike screams excitement and the […]

230cc 4 Stroke Drift Trike

Artur Margulis sent us this beauty of a drift trike. His 230cc 4-stroke Drift trike project is custom designed and built for loads of fun. The orange bursts of color help make the drift trike […]

Custom White Drift Trike

Our friend Yuval Menzon sent us his custom built drift trike from Israel. The seat looks super comfortable and ready to keep you feeling good no matter what the hills throw at you. Great PVC […]

Custom Electric Drift Trike

Here’s a great custom electric drift trike in a dark red and black paint job. Judd from Motorized Drift Trikes Australia sent this over to us with some great close up pics of not only […]

Side to Drift to Awesome (Video)

Another great custom drift trike with video. The custom green machine looks super fun and was sent in from our friend João Coelho. He’s worked on this drift trike and the video shows us he’s […]

125cc Custom Drift Trike

This 125cc semi-auto 4 gears custom drift trike was sent to us from our friend Thomas in Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina! The detail and bright colors make it a very beautiful trike with plenty of […]

Custom Aluminum 6.5 HP Drift Trike

Matt sent us this custom aluminum drift trike he’s building. It features tons of great custom work and a 6.5 HP Tecumseh with the front fork from a Yamaha xs400. Great drift trike idea for […]

There’s No Wrong Way To Drift Trike

There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup because every way is delicious. And in that same spirit, there’s no wrong way to drift because no matter how you do it, it’s […]

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