There’s No Wrong Way To Drift Trike

There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s peanut butter cup because every way is delicious. And in that same spirit, there’s no wrong way to drift because no matter how you do it, it’s […]

Custom Paint Job 212cc Fun

Delmarva Powder Coating in Greenwood Delaware makes some great stuff but they took it to a whole new level for this custom orange and black motorized drift trike. The drift trike engine is a standard […]

Custom Big Red

Anthonio Palos sent us this gem of a drift trike. We’ve decided to call it Big Red and we think it’s obvious why. What do you think of the custom magic of Big Red? Let […]

All Lit Up

Our friend Tom sent this over to show his custom build and teach us the power of a lit up drift trike. Be inspired!

Big Wheels Drift Trike Video

Here is a great big wheels drift trike inspired video from Flying Bye Photo (Austin Bradshaw). Fred Lux constructed this drift trike and made it. Has a little 4 cycle engine on it, and totally […]

Broken Femur Drift Trike Crash

Sometimes things don’t go as planned while drifting. Here’s a great video to show you just what can happen (so you don’t have to experience it yourself) and why it’s always more fun to crash […]

Custom Blue Drift Trike Details

This drift trike is ready to go and customized by Adamson in Philipines. It’s a great trike with lots of time and energy put into making it amazing. Adamson used a Kawasaki 6.5 HP motor […]

Custom Painted Drift Trikes

Our friend Patrick sent us a great picture of how to paint your drift trikes with any custom paint jobs you can think of and add some excitement to your yard. Check out these beauties […]

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