Custom Aluminum Drift Trike Project

Custom aluminum drift trike Matt’s building in Ontario. This custom drift trike has 6.5 HP Tecumseh and the front fork from a Yamaha xs400. Loaded with potential for sure.

212 cc Predator Motor Red Drift Trike

Our friend Cam sent in this masterpiece he’s been working on. There’s just something inspiring about a red drift trike and this one has a 212cc Predator motor for extra fun.

125cc Lifan Engine Drift Trike

We showed you Robby’s winterized drift trike in a previous post. Here’s the same 125cc Lifan engine drift trike in “regular” mode with drift wheels. Pretty impressive beast of a drift trike and great lines. […]

Snow Paddle Drift Trike

You can’t control the weather and in some areas it’s way smarter to be ready for snow all of the time. Robby in Quebec sent us some drift trike pics of his snow paddle ready […]

Thug Life on a Tricycle

Every drift trike owner knows the feeling. I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me. Not OC.

Drift Trike March Madness

Street view for this road warrior drift trike team from Georgia. Sent to us from our friend Chris, this is what’s possible with your drift trike street rides. Turn it up!

Drifting in the Street

Here’s a great smile and a great drift trike from our friend Marvin’s dad in the Philippines. Awesome project and great skills on hard turns and fun engine mount. Galing ng tito ko Posted by […]

Orange Drift Trike Pics

Here’s a great looking orange drift trike from our friend in Sarajevo. We’ll have some videos to share shortly but look at the attention to detail and the bold color with this drift trike. You’ll […]

Drift Trike Friends

It’s ok if your drift trike doesn’t have an engine, as long as you have a friend that can give you a push. Luka sent us some pics of his own drift trike and how […]

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